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With Nahibu, get a snapshot of your gut health

Microbial balance

A healthy and balanced bacterial flora enables the intestine to effectively perform its protective role.


Microbiota diversity

Hundreds of species of bacteria make up the gut microbiota.


The enterotype proposes a stratification of individuals based on their gut microbiota.

Functional analysis

Functional analysis and analysis of the microbiota’s potential (immune potential, inflammation, toxicity and dysbiosis)

Nahibu cohort N°1 in Europe

Real-time comparison with the Nahibu cohort and with several sub-groups (men, women, age, etc.)

User friendly interface

Manage your kits and visualize your results from a clear and easy-to-use web interface.


Accurate report

Download your analysis report, a summary of Nahibu’s expertise.



Dietary advice to improve your health and well-being.

Discover Shido

Personalized nutrition by Nahibu

Shido is the mix between the high precision analysis of gut microbiota and scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition and health. Shido recommends suitable foods and supplements for your body and microbiota health.

Our database combines analyzes of the Nahibu microbiota and knowledge from numerous scientific articles approved by peers and added by us. Thus, metagenomics data, knowledge-based reasoning, machine learning, and customer feedback continually shape and improve Shido. 

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Nahibu Analysis Kit Nahibu Analysis Kit + Shido

Shotgun metagenomic analysis

The most in-depth analysis on the market, it studies the entire genome of the bacteria present in the sample.

Microbiota mapping

Key indicators, analysis of the functional potential of the microbiota

Functional assessment

Immune potential, inflammation and dysbiosis

Summary of results

A clear and in-depth summary of your results

Comparison with Nahibu cohort

Real-time comparison with the No. 1 cohort in Europe according to age, gender and weight indicators

Progress monitoring

Comparison of the results of several analyses over time and measurement of evolution

Dietary recommendations

Discover the foods and daily gestures to feed good bacteria and protect your gut microbiota.

Downloadable report

Including clinical assessment and microbiota mapping

Personal dietary advice

Foods recommended and not recommended for you according to the results of analysis of your microbiotae

Recommended probiotics and prebiotics

List of probiotics and prebiotics based on the analysis results of your microbiota

Discover the composition of your microbiota and personal dietary advice with the Nahibu functional analysis.

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