Get the deepest picture of your gut microbiome

A revolutionary prevention tool. Meet 99% of the genetic code.

Your microbiome is unique, like you

The microbiota constitutes a rich, varied and evolving ecosystem that contributes to our state of health. It plays a major role in the digestive, metabolic, immune and neurological functions.

High definition analysis

A revolutionary prevention tool, meeting the 99% of the genetic code.

Accurate results

  • Key indicators Wealth, diversity, composition of bacterial species and bacterial genes
  • A deep and precise understanding Functional analysis and analysis of the potential of the microbiota
  • A real-time comparison to the Nahibu N ° 1 cohort in Europe. (population gathering the people who made their sequencing at Nahibu)
  • A unique prevention tool for personalized care Dietary advice to improve well-being and health

Resolution of
the infinitely small,
infinitely large.

The Nahibu gut microbiome kit use the shotgun metagenomics. Its high resolution allows us to detect bacterial species / strains and thus obtain the most complete image of the composition of your microbiota.

Personalized nutritional advice

Nahibu dietary advice are available with your results. They are written by a multidisciplinary team: qualified dieticians and doctors specializing in nutrition. They are also suitable for a varied and balanced diet and allow you to aim for optimal digestive comfort and to reveal your real mental or physical potential.

Genome and privacy

Protecting your data is our priority. Nahibu is committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data by respecting the GDPR agreement.

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Nahibu answers your questions

What is the questionnaire for?

The questionnaire is requested from all customers upon activation of the kit and is mandatory. It is essential in order to allow a more precise analysis, to improve the Nahibu customer experience and to advance research.

What are Nahibu's goals?

As part of an ethic of responsible action, we want to develop self-care through the gut microbiota. Here are our objectives:

  • Know the composition and diversity of our gut microbiota
  • Understand the relationships we have with our gut microbiota
  • Alert as many of the possible imbalances in these relationships as possible
  • Prevent the development of diseases by giving personalized advice to strengthen the barrier effect of our intestinal microbiota
  • Cleaning up our lifestyles by improving our knowledge of the microbiota
  • Collaborate with researchers in the microbiota field to be at the forefront of quality results and nutritional advice. Encourage beneficial responses from our gut microbiota and a new state of equilibrium after a disturbance.
  • Structure how microbiota science can help humanity
What happens to my data and / or can I delete it?

 Your data is stored anonymously and used for research. For this, consent is requested from the activation of your kit. According to GDPR regulations, you can remove the link between your identity and your data.

In which countries are sales available?

Nahibu is available everywhere in France. Nahibu wants to quickly offer its solutions internationally.

Can I follow the progress of analyzes of my sample?

Yes, Nahibu will email you every step of the way.

Who is behind Nahibu?

The Nahibu company was founded by Pierre CRESSARD in 2019. We are a multidisciplinary team that has bet that a project based on shared values ​​such as people, trust, curiosity, personal involvement, work and ethical safeguards, can enhance the common good.

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