Frequently asked questions

Questions before you start?

Why test your microbiota?

The tests of the intestinal microbiota make it possible to detect, first of all, the impoverishment of its biodiversity. This impoverishment is associated with the risk of developing serious chronic diseases.

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What does Nahibu offer?

In accordance with an International Human Microbiome Standards (International consortium), Nahibu offers gut microbiota analysis and personalized dietary advice.

How is the Nahibu cohort formed?

The Nahibu cohort consists of all the users who performed the Nahibu analysis.

Who is the Nahibu solution for?

To all. There is no age to test your microbiota. However, it is recommended to perform the test in people over 3 years of age.

What does the kit contain?

The kit contains everything you need to perform the sample: a feces-catcher to collect your stool, a collection tube filled with a preservative liquid to preserve the stool before the analysis, a shuttlePouch to slide the tube collection once the sample has been taken, and a prepaid envelope (to return the sample to us).

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How it works ?

The process is very simple, it takes place in 4 steps.

Upon receipt of the analysis kit,

  • Activate your account on your personal space and answer the questionnaire;
  • Take the sample (the instructions in the guide will guide you through these different steps);
  • Return your debit in the postage-paid envelope;
  • Consult your results in your personal space 6 to 8 weeks later.
Is it possible to detect fungi with the Nahibu kit?

The Nahibu gut microbiota test only analyzes the DNA of bacteria present in your sample. We are not yet able to detect fungi such as Candida Albicans.

How do I follow the progress of the analysis of my sample?

Nahibu will send you emails at every step of the way.

I forgot to activate my kit before returning my sample, what should I do?

The anonymity number is essential because it allows you to link your analysis to your account. If you forgot to activate your kit before sending it, find this number in the Nahibu box. Then all you have to do is activate your kit on our Nahibu website and complete the questionnaire.

I have drained the liquid from the tube, what should I do?

The liquid in the tube is used to store the stool. It should not be emptied from the tube before analysis. If you empty this liquid, contact us by email at contact@nahibu.com to let us know. We will resend a kit. You will be charged € 29.90

Can I give a Nahibu test as a gift?

Yes, you just need to place a normal order. Offer the kit to the person of your choice, the latter must register on the Nahibu site.



What happens to my data?

Your data is anonymized and used for research. For this, consent is requested from you upon purchasing your kit.

Discover the composition of your microbiota and personal dietary advice with the Nahibu functional analysis.

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